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AWARD-WINNING JEWELLERY designer Myriam Soseilos of myriamSOS Fine Jewellery has had some interesting commissions, but none have been more unusual than the request to turn a woman’s spine into a body chain. “The client said she’d had an accident five years before and wanted a piece of jewellery that looked identical to her permanently injured spine, but in miniature,” explains Myriam. “She sent me her MRI scans and I created a white and rose gold pendant with diamonds. She was very happy with the result.” 

Myriam’s design career began while she was working at a top communications agency, making jewellery in her spare time. By 2008, people had begun asking if they could buy her pieces and requesting bespoke designs. “I started to ask fundamental questions about jewellery. Why should rings be round? Why should a ring with red gems look red? Why should a piece of jewellery have only a single function?”

Myriam employed a design tutor and set up a workshop below her house, studying jewellery techniques every night after work. In 2010, she quit her job, moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins, and set up her eponymous company. Since then, she hasn’t looked back.

Myriam now works with a team of 15 craftspeople. Her designs – which have been worn by celebrities including actress Jodie Whittaker and singer Alexandra Burke – are sold online and in high-end stores in the UK (where she is based), the UAE, the US, Italy, Hong Kong and her homeland, Cyprus.

She has delivered a TED talk on her work, and creates ready-to-wear collections which can be bought as seen or customised to suit a client’s desires and budget. She also undertakes original commissions: prices range from £500 for a simple piece to several thousands, depending on the materials and gems used.

She is known for her innovative approach to design. “I’ve never been conventional,” she says. “I always look for something different. My USP is my multi-functional jewellery, encapsulated in the ‘Transformers’ collection. It’s jewellery that is flexible, moveable and playful, which can be worn in many different ways. It is designed for today’s woman, who has so many different roles in life. A pendant can become a ring, for example, or turn inside out. A pair of long earrings and a ring can be transformed into a pair of short earrings and a bracelet. One of my pieces can be worn in 18 different ways!” 

She also designed bespoke rings in rose gold and silver for Candy Crush, replicating the phone app’s distinctive designs using rubies, citrine, amethyst and emeralds.

Her latest work in progress is a piece of jewellery containing a microchip. “I don’t yet know if it will be a ring or a bracelet,” she says, “but it will execute a number of commands, such as the gems moving or lights coming on with the press of a button. I’m getting technical support from watchmakers.” 

Her awards include “International Jewellery Designer of the Year”, International Trade and Export Awards 2017, “Designer of the Year”, Madame Figaro International Award 2015, Finalist “New Designer of the Year” U.K. Watch and Jewellery Awards 2014 and “Designer of the Year” London Jewellery Week 2013.   

With plans to expand into new territories, such as Asia, MyriamSOS will continue to be at the forefront of innovative jewellery design. “Inspiration can come from anywhere,” says Myriam. “But I always try to go one step further and challenge myself.”

Myriam Soseilos holds a number of distinguished memberships, including:

United Kingdom

  • Honorary member of NAJ with benefits of a British based member
  • Member of the London Assay Office


  • Member of the Cyprus Jewellers’ Association
  • Member of the Cyprus Assay Office