mSOS 100x100

The brand provides versatile jewellery that stands out from the crowd – multi-functional, elegant pieces for the on-the-go women of today. Like Chanel’s “little black dress”, myriamSOS has a contemporary yet timeless feel. The brand has captured the attention of international media such as British Vogue, The Telegraph, Glamour, O.K., Harpers’ Bazaar, Tatler, Marie Claire China and industry media like Retail and Professional Jeweller. It currently includes three collections: 

The award winning, Flagship Collection TRANSFORMERS, which breaks the mold for personalized statement jewellery. The outcome of extensive design research, resulting in impressive design innovation with huge potential, the transformable pieces turn into rings, bracelets or pendants with a simple click and twist. Expertly crafted, they allow much greater versatility than traditional “static” jewellery. They combine precious stones and metals with expert hand construction, creating matchless items which can be personalized in terms of gemstone colors and settings, and engraved to order. The collection features intelligent and flexible designs that stand out from the crowd;

Watch the pieces transform in the videos below:

The Naked Square, is a collection of witty, versatile, stackable and wonderfully unique jewellery pieces offering a selection of statement pieces including, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings. Myriam Soseilos has just unveiled her third luxury collection, Skyline, aptly named from lingering memories of the designers trips around the globe, from London to Hong kong and New York to Paris. The collection delivers a strong, yet playful collection of earrings, bracelets and rings available in rose gold and set with black and white diamonds, aquamarines, emeralds, citrine and peridot gems. The curves and streamlined architectural lines of the Skyline collection, reflect Myriam’s reminiscences of grand cities and their architectural shapes and colours. The collection is inspired by the powerful skyscrapers dominating each city, reflecting the clean and geometric architecture, with spiral and definite shapes.

Myriam Soseilos’  sos!e collection is all about the design signature of the designer – clean lines, luxurious materials and functional designs that re-define the concepts of versatility and individuality. Premium quality precious metals and gemstones which are meticulously handset – an art form in itself – are combined with intricacy and timelessness of designs. This approach, coupled with the designer’s determination to build a brand from the ground up, is truly one that distinguishes her from a plethora of designers in the Jewellery industry. The jewellery is influenced from the designer’s haute couture experiences, study of nature and love for Art Deco, a dynamic mix leading to the creative use of space, movement and mechanics. Art Deco’s influences are evident throughout; simple shapes, surface textures, clean lines, ease of movement.